Hello, Instagram! It’s time for the #WeeklyFluff! Meet Alice and Finnegan (@pitterpatterfurryfeet), two gorgeous Siberian Lynx Point kitties. For a dose of fantastically festive feline fluff, follow @pitterpatterfurryfeet. by instagram http://ift.tt/1uwiswk

Sometimes I find #accidentalcanadianflags outside storage facilities.🍁 // #madewithfaded by gummyting http://ift.tt/1yTlpOg

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The Lannisters #throwback by peterdinklage http://ift.tt/11wqluP

@paulnicklen on assignment for @natgeo in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Hunters travel along the Porcupine River with freshly hunted caribou. The First Nations of Old Crow have a deep connection to the land and respect the nutrition that nature provides them year round. #nature #futureoffood #WFD2014 @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #firstnationpride #beauty #love by natgeo http://ift.tt/1rBtT3I

@paulnicklen on assignment for @natgeo. Vicky Josie lives a life connected to the land in Canada’s Yukon Territory. She and her husband, William Josie have their summer camp along the Porcupine River, near Old Crow. Here, they gather Chum salmon from this waterway of nutrition each fall. They are concerned that the recent gold rush in the Yukon Territory could jeopardize their way of life. #nature #futureoffood #WFD2014 @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #firstnationpride #beauty #love by natgeo http://ift.tt/1rgcrC5

An apple for lunch (by childishToy*)